Reasons Why a Laser Hair Comb Needs Support


When it comes to hair re-growth, laser hair combs seem to be making waves all around the world. After all, they are the latest technology when it comes to hair re-growth. But if you want these products like the Nutreve Laser Hair Comb to do their job effectively then it is important that you get them some support. While a laser comb will help re-grow your hair on its own as well, when you use it along with other products you will be able to get much better and quicker results. Here are a couple of the things which you will need to add to your hair re-growth treatment for best results:


1. Vitamins- You should be taking your vitamins on a daily basis anyway. Even if you only consume specific vitamins depending on your sex, age and deficiencies, they will be a great help when it comes to hair re-growth. Apart from regular vitamins it is very important that you also include a Coenzyme Amino acid which have been proven to help stimulate hair growth.


2. Shampoo & Conditioner- As far as shampoo is concerned; it is recommended that you only use those which are free from sulfate. These shampoos help cleanse your hair gently and don't leave a buildup of any product on your scalp which can clog your pores. If you get a good shampoo which is free from sulfate it will also most probably be made from natural ingredients and color safe. Getting a similar conditioner will help provide your hair with much needed nourishment as well. This will help improve hair elasticity and strengthen and thicken it as well. And since it is natural, there won't be any residue left either. You can even consider getting a pre-cleansing solution to help dissolve the oil in the scalp. This will greatly improve the ability of the laser comb to increase blood circulation around each and every hair follicle.


When you have a healthy and clean scalp it allows your hair follicles to breathe. When your follicles are exposed, the lasers from the comb will be able to do a much more effective job. Apart from helping the laser comb to do a better job, these products help your hair to grow on their own as well. Just one thing which you need to understand about this process though is that it will take time before you can actually see any results. Give the product a few months before expecting any results. But it will not take more than 6 months for you to see an amazing transformation of your scalp. So don't waste any more time. Get yourself a laser hair comb today.